• Search Engine Optimization

  • There are close to one billion websites on the internet. Your best bet to garner some attention to your site rely on SEO, which is a free and organic method. You cannot drive any traffic to your website if the search engine cannot find you. Search engine traffic has become highly important for an organization or business these days. The success of an organization is dependent on its online presence for the most part.

    If your site is in the top-ranked result in search engine, then it pushes a tremendous amount of traffic to your site. The traffic will, in turn, generate visibility and build credibility for your website from which your business ski rockets (hence, ultimately, lead to increased sales).

    SEO means “search engine optimization.” All the major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have a primary search results list. These primary search results contain content that the engine considers most optimal and relevant. The content could be videos, images and local listings ranked according to relevancy as deemed by the search engine.

    SEO is a marketing tool used to gain visibility in non-paid search results. The SEO procedure sends signals to the search engine as a part of a continuous process that determines whether your website is worthy enough to be in the search result index or not.

    The SEO Formula An algorithm, which is a highly complicated mathematical formula, is used to rank Google pages by assigning a score to each. Having the highest score can land you at the top of the search engine’s search results. The scores based on many factors, mainly quality, trust or authority of a website. - Quality depends on offering something unique and worthy. Your content has to stand out from the others that are offering products, or services which are of the same category or type.

     Trust depends on having a credible website. You must gain good reviews and have published links to high authoritative websites. - Authority, in simple terms, can be referred to as popularity. You have to build a substantial social media presence and a reliable fan base that link you to social media.

    Search engine optimization increases your popularity to let the search engine know that you are worthy of the top score. Elements of SEO SEO has many different elements that contribute to its efficiency. The optimization is broken down into OFF-page and ON-page SEO. On page, SEO include: • Content • Meta title and Meta description • Keywords To carry out OFF-page SEO, you have to directly plan outreach to social media and publish links to the credible outside sources. Benefits of SEO

    1. Restructuring your website to be more SEO-friendly has numerous benefits. The more influx of traffic and increased awareness automatically improves your website’s ranking, which can generate huge sales if you offer products or services. If you are one of the top search results in any of the search engines, then your site is guaranteed to generate increased visits as most people click on top search results.

    2. SEO is a cost-effective method that helps businesses save precious money in comparison to other strategies.

    3. It is an excellent impression for your business if your website is at the top of the search engine ranking. Being first in the search results can associate the particular keyword to your brand, hence increasing the trust and awareness relevance.

    4. Clicks from SEO results in more Return on Investment (ROI) than traditional paying ads. However, the SEO effects are permanent and free.

    5. Based on reports from Google 60% of the clicks go to the first position on the search results list, and 30% for position second and 10% go the rest. So if you are looking for a breakthrough in your business, invest in SEO. Its efficient implementation can see your sales climbing through the roof.

    6. Measurable results and key indicators can help you make a useful analysis to improve your sales further. Conclusion It is always a good idea to invest in successful SEO practices while developing content for the website. It mainly helps not only to increase the sales but also helps in maintaining the reputation of the business firm. Start optimizing your content by following SEO strategies and see the results for yourself.

  • Image Opitmization

    Images can have a significant impact on loading times, especially when you upload a huge image then display it as small as the entire image still has to be loaded. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the file size is optimized as well, that’s just the image display size. Loading times are essential SEO.

    To resize the image to how you want it displayed. Creating descriptive, keyword-rich file names is crucial for image optimization. The main keyword would be Plumber Maine, as that is the main subject of the photo, which is why it’s at the beginning of the file name. When it comes to image SEO, it's important to use relevant keywords to help your web page rank on search engines.

    Image optimization also needs to be geographically optimized to the area in which you want to rank for based on the keyboards in the image.

  • Video Optimazatiom

    Video optimization is an essential ranking Factor when you place a video on your website that you're producing YouTube.

    1. The title of the video must contain keywords in which around the page you wish to Rank for on the website

    2. Content spoken in the video must be keyboard rich and relevant as well to the page you wish to Rank for.

    3. Video description is another crucial area for search engine optimization the most important keywords should be in the beginning of the description followed by some links from your YouTube channel back to your page you wish to rain for relating to the video

    4. The use of tags in the video descriptors aids in the Searchers finding your content on YouTube ultimately leading them back to your website